A pier was constructed in the Spring of 2018 and extends out 300ft into our open bays, coming extremely close to our waterway channel. The construction of this pier has inhibited our families boating capabilities and causes a view shed when sitting out in our backyard. These problems although are secondary. Our utmost concern is the dangerous navigational hazard it poses to local boaters, kayakers, paddle boarders and small watercraft operators (especially in the dusk/nighttime hours). Although this issue may not affect you directly, there are 2 other adjacent piers that that have been permitted but not yet approved by the Tidelands Committee pending the outcome of our hearing. If these two piers are approved, it will set a precedent for others to be allowed to extend this far out, causing a domino effect with the possibility of your own waterfront home being blocked in.



An elongated dock is a navigational and safety hazard for nearby watercraft and non-motorized vessels. The location is unexpected and poorly visible at night.


The dock encroaches upon the viewshed of adjacent properties.


Once approved the recent approvals will become precedent, thereby impacting all  future docks. Result:  your neighbor will be able build this next door. 

Dispute Letters


Before & After

If all docks were extended

This is a visual representation of what it would look like if everyone were permitted to extend their decks.


To send a dispute letter or discuss attendance at the public hearing on 03/04/20, please contact Janine Morris at 908-672-0036 or janine.morris1@comcast.net

For  additional questions you may contact Mylod & Fitzgerald, Attorneys for the Janine Morris Trust at 732-830-6464 or contact the Tidelands Resource Counsel at 609-292-2573

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